$25Bn worth of toys are imported from China - So what?

Santa shop is not in the North pole.  It is in China. China is the dominant manufacturer of synthetic, polyester harmful toys filled with chemicals and heavy metals.

According to the US department of commerce, companies in the United States imported $19bn toys from China in the year 2010. Chinese factory workerAs of 2017, this number reached $25bn according to the Economist.   As a consumer and American citizen, we should all care about harmful imports from China for two reasons. 1) American consumers are buying children's plush toys imported from China at a premium price from retailers (online and offline) everyday without knowing its synthetic content, flame retardants, chemicals, heavy metals and unfair labor practices. We are putting our children's health at risk just becuase we think they are low cost and look cute. Retailers are playing a game with the lives of our children. Retailers make 70% to 100% margins which equates to 300% to 500% gross profit revenue per item sold.

Would you rather 2) As an entrepreneur, I believe in free market system. Free market entreprise works well when the all parties involved abide by fair trade rules. China is a currency manipulator pushing the value of Chinese Yuan up and down based on economic conditions. China does not have real labor laws similar to the United States. Every time we buy a toy for someone we love made in China, we are only helping and supporting the Chinese economy. We are losing the opportunity to create jobs for fellow Americans and spur our local US economy. We are losing the opportunity to say no to harmful synthetic toys made in sweat shops in China.  

These are the reasons why I started Bears for Humanity. Bears for Humanity is a social commerce company home grown in USA. We make certified organic toys and gifts, hand sewn and stuffed in USA by men Elsa Zamoraand women from under served communities. With every purchase, we give a teddy bear to child in need of love in USA.  By the year 2020, we expect to create 200 new manufacturing jobs with $15 starting wage. Join me today on our journey to make safe organic products for children of all ages and create jobs for fellow Americans.  

Thank you.


Renju Prathap, President and Founder 

Bears for Humanity

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