China is the greatest threat to the American economy and global democracy.  With every purchase of Made in China product, the US consumer is putting the lives of our current and future generations in danger.  My name is Renju Prathap, Founder of Bears for Humanity.  Bears for Humanity is a nonprofit organization. We manufacture and distribute safe certified organic plush toys, gifts and apparel souvenirs. We are one of 7 companies in the United States to be certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. In this blog, I will share my personal opinion based on facts on the negative impact of Made in China products in our daily lives. From small local to big box stores, they sell made in China products for 2 simple reasons - Made in China products are cheap and have high-profit margins.

The value of the imported toys and gifts made in China continues to grow every year.  In 2019, the United States imported over $24 Billion dollars worth of toys and gifts Made in China. 

  • The toys and fast fashion apparel from China are made with harmful plastics and virgin polyester materials
  • The toys are filled with chemicals, heavy metals, and anti-flame retardants that are harmful to children 
  • China does not have Fair Trade and labor laws that govern and protect workers' rights





Consumption of Made in China harmful low-cost products fuel China's manufacturing economy. The American consumer is purchasing cheap products on credit cards and driving up the personal and national debt. China is buying and holding American debt in the form of treasury notes which keeps China's Communist Party in business. With each purchase of plastic and polyester product, we pollute our environment and fill the oceans with plastics.    


Here are the steps we need to undertake to make our world a better place. We need to urgently learn and implement hard lessons from COVID-19 pandemic.  

  1. American and global businesses should diversify the supply chain from China. This will decrease the dependency on China for consumer products
  2. Americans and global citizens should adopt an organic sustainable lifestyle
  3. Purchase products that are ethically sourced with Fair Trade 
Time is of the essence.  Say no to Made in China products.  God Bless America. 



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