Built In The USA

Built In The USA

We build our bears with love right here in Union City, California, where we train and employee individuals through California’s welfare-to-work program, CalWorks. We believe building a strong community is part of the solution to a sustainable future.

CalWorks, California’s Welfare-to-Work Program

Bears for Humanity has a clear goal, and it starts at home. We are proud to be located in Northern California, creating jobs for our community. Partnered with CalWorks, we are able to provide jobs to at-risk mothers, fathers and caregivers. Learn more at www.cdss.ca.gov/calworks. Our team in Union City California, stuff the teddy bears, hand sew the teddy bears, brush and groom the teddy bears, and ship them with love just for you.    

Overseas Help

Bears for Humanity has partnered with socially conscious manufacturers in China to make the 100% certified organic teddy bear shells. After they are produced, we bring to California for filling, finishing, assembly and customization.Actions speak louder than words.  As a business, we have chosen select manufacturing partners in China who adhere to manufacturing standards, labor rights and human rights. This is not easy. We are not just building certified organic teddy bears - we are building lives, one teddy bear at a time.  By incorporating this hybrid model in manufacturing, Bears For Humanity is able to keep the costs down and pass the savings to you - the customer.  



Teddy Bear Makers


Teddy Bear Makers

Our teddy bear makers are from CalWORKs program. CalWORKs is a welfare to work program funded by fellow tax paying Americans in California. Our teddy bear makers are women and at-risk mothers with a desire and ambition to become accountable Americans. We hand pick, select and train every teddy bear maker based on 3 qualities - work ethic, character and commitment to excellence. Once they are selected, we immerse them in a hands-on training program in the art of making the perfect teddy bear. We teach and coach all our teddy bear makers in every aspect of making the perfect teddy bear just for you. Bears for Humanity makes the effort to care for our people first, a directive often neglected by the majority of the toy industry.



Teddy Bear Journey


Teddy Bear Journey

It’s a good thing our teddy bears are so fun to be with, because we spend an awful lot of time with them! Constructing these furry buddies is no small feat; you might be interested in a quick walk-through of the behind-the-scenes magic that goes into Bears for Humanity’s mission.

Unlike most stuffed toys on the market, BFH teddy bears are hand-sewn, stuffed and finished in America. This allows for remarkable control over every aspect of the construction; challenges can be addressed in real-time, long before your little ones get their hands on these premium certified organic bears. Every bear must meet some pretty high standards before going out into the world to spread a little joy.

The Teddy Bear Journey

Premium and Baby bears are made from GOTS certified Organic cotton and Certified Organic Hemp. We custom make certified organic faux fur. This means absolutely no chemicals are added to the teddy bear fabric. From the fabric factory, they travel to a cutting and sewing factory that cuts the patterns of each and every teddy bear in China. These teddy bear shell fabrics arrive at our Northern California facility and start their journey in the loving hands of our awesome teddy bear makers.

Making The Perfect Teddy Bear

Teddy bear makers make each and every teddy bear with love and care. Each and every teddy bear is hand-sewn and stuffed. Folks, this takes time! Each bear-to-be enjoys a one-on-one relationship with its teddy bear maker, who works with the bear from start to finish. Because of the great care we take to make all of the limbs move just right and to make the little guys uniformly squeezable, each of the bear’s parts are stuffed separately and then hand-sewn. It takes 25 minutes to hand sew each teddy bear. It takes another 10 minutes to hand stuff each teddy bear. Did you know that every teddy bear is filled with eco-friendly recycled fiber made from plastic bottles and caps. We do this to support our Mother Earth and Environment. These bears aren’t “factory made”; they are lovingly constructed.

The Final Touch

Once the bear gets its final cuddly shape, the teddy bear makers focus on the more cosmetic elements of the process. Dont worry, we do not apply any make-up. Our teddy bears are cuter than Hollywood Stars. Bears for Humanity bears are not divas exactly, but the brushing and fluffing they undergo might suggest otherwise! The organic faux fur used for the bears looks its best after a little primping and styling, which also ensures that they are free from any factory fluff. These bears come with a “hugs on delivery” guarantee.

When you buy a teddy bear from Bears For Humanity, you buy a “bear that cares”.


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