Earth Day Special Two-Pack Bundle


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Our Herbal Dye Sherpa Bears are ready to celebrate Earth Day, every day! These caring bears come with a soft, white T-shirt that shows off their love for our beautiful planet. Joining in on the celebration is our Tan Spotted Puppy Dog plushie!

Our plushies are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton fur and are colored with organic Herbal dyes with anti-bacterial elements. They are hand-stuffed with organic PLA fiber filling, which is naturally hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Our Sherpa Bear’s comfy T-shirt is made with 100% organic cotton. All our plushies and bears are ethically sourced from India. 

No harmful plastics, chemicals, or dyes are used in the making of these loveable guys, making them a gift you can feel good about. For every bear purchased, we give one to a child in need.

  • 14" Earth Day Special Cream Herbal Dye Teddy Bear
  • 12" Tan Spotted Puppy Dog 

Herbal Dyed with Antibacterial Elements

GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton

100% hypoallergenic, Organic Corn PLA Fiber Stuffing

Embroidered Eyes

Hand Sewn & Stuffed


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