Bears for Humanity's mission is to provide safe, non-toxic products, while lowering our environmental impact wherever possible. We constantly are researching and testing new, more sustainable methods to build our bears and plushies. After years of research, we're ready to bring you our Herbal Dye Collection, available on Oct 1, 2021, that lowers our environmental footprint even further.

Introducing two exciting improvements to our beloved bears

At Bears for Humanity, we believe that children deserve safe, non-toxic toys and that it’s our responsibility to care for the planet, for the sake of our children. We have worked hard to create completely organic toys for babies and children that they’ll love and parents will also feel good about. All our plush toys are made with 100% organic cotton and are ethically made. 

Our cuddly plush toys children know and love will now be available with two new environmental and safety upgrades: Plant-based dyes and a new, greener stuffing.


Buy One Give One

New! Organic herbal dyes

Our cuddly sherpa bears will now be colored using natural herbal dye with antibacterial elements. Herbal dyes come from completely natural ingredients, such as leaves, roots, nuts, berries, and barks. They don't include any synthetic ingredients and are extracted using water, making them 100% eco-friendly and safe. 

Natural dyes on table

We worked with our partners in India tirelessly to find the perfect blend of dyes to give our bears the perfect look you know and love. Our new Cream Herbal Dye Sherpa Bears are colored with a bespoke mix of dyes from pomegranate, gallnut, and harad seed. The new Chocolate Herbal Dye Sherpa Bears are dyed with cutch, harrad, gallnut, and pomegranate. 

By using plants and vegetables based dyes, we ensure that no traces of chemicals or toxins that are often found in common non-natural dyes end up on our bears. Many people, especially children, experience allergies or irritation from commercial chemical dyes. By ensuring our products are toxin-free, Bears for Humanity offers a plush product that allergen-sensitive children can enjoy.  

New! Organic PLA (planted-based) stuffing

Bears for Humanity strives to create the greenest plush toys possible, and that doesn’t just mean fur-deep. Previously, bears were stuffed using recycled, sanitized and BPA-free fibers. This certainly made for a more sustainable toy and created an innovative way for plastic bottles to be recycled and repurposed. 

However, we were convinced that we could make a bear that was organic, even under his fur, and biodegradable. We tried wool, cotton, and other organic ingredients, but they just didn't give us the cuddly fluff we were looking for. After three years of searching, we finally found something that did. The answer? Organic corn PLA fiber stuffing.

PLA fibers are 100% naturally hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation like some natural fibers such as wool. All PLA fibers used to create our bears are also certified organic, meaning the corn used to produce these fibers is GMO-free. 

Organic PLA fiber is an eco-friendly alternative to other synthetic types of fibers. It is produced from renewable plant resources, such as corn or potatoes. PLA fibers require much less fossil fuel energy and resources to produce. They also are easily biodegradable, making their lasting impact on the Earth much smaller than similar synthetic fibers.  

Can Your Teddy Bear Change the World?

We are proud of our sustainable plushies and happy to send them off to be cuddled and loved on by your children. When you buy a plush animal from Bears for Humanity, you make a decision to say no to toxic chemicals that can hurt your child and destroy our planet. 

Buying one of our bears also makes a difference in another important way - by helping a child in need. Through our model of Buy One, Give One, with every one of our plush animals you purchase we will send one to a child in need. We partner with organizations that are dedicated to helping kids all across the US, which means the bear you buy will be putting a smile on two faces. 

Buying a bear through Bears for Humanity is a choice to give your child the best and play your part in protecting our environment. It also gives you the invaluable opportunity to give a gift to a child who truly needs it.

Thank you, for making a difference and helping us in our mission to provide safe, organic plush toys for kids all over the world! We don't do this work because it's easy, we do it because it's the right thing. Let us know below what you're most excited about for this new line of bears!

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