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When creating Shoppy, a plush version of their company mascot, Shopify knew they wanted their company icon to be safe, organic, 100% biodegradable, and ethically sourced. Shopify chose to work with Bears for Humanity because we are the only company worldwide that could meet these needs. Now Shoppy is distributed to Shopify employees and merchants worldwide.
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Cartoon Saloon is an Irish animation film, short film, and television studio known for popular animated films like The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea. Cartoon Saloon partnered with Bears for Humanity to make organic cotton plush toys for their Puffin Rock book and cartoons. We also helped them create their Saoirse the Seal plush toy, which is based on their award-winning movie, Song of the Sea.
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United Airlines came to Bears for Humanity to help them create a new, eco-friendly version of their Adventure Bear, Ben Flyin. Since 2012, Ben Flyin has been distributed by United Airlines employees to children in hospitals and charities in more than 31 countries. Ben Flyin is made with 100% organic cotton, filled with recycled plastic bottles, and dyed with organic plant-based dyes. United Airlines turned to Bears for Humanity to recreate an eco-friendly Ben Flyin to demonstrate their commitment to supporting a more sustainable future.

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Bears for Humanity partnered with the Guitar Center Music Foundation to create ethically-made, limited-edition plush toys like the Jerry Garcia Bear. We also helped them create other music-themed plushies that will be sold to support music classes and programs across the US, like the Teddy Tunes Bear. Teddy Tunes is made completely from recycled plastic bottles, and he helps excite and educate children about music.
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Revision Energy is a B-Certified solar company. Bears for Humanity helped them create Sunsquatch, their company mascot. Sunsquatch is made with certified organic cotton, which is the safest form of cotton for sensitive children. Safety was especially important to Revision Energy because Sunsquatch is distributed to schools so children can learn about solar energy, the outdoors, and how we can all work together to build a better tomorrow. He is also a gift for new Revision Energy customers.

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Curious Little Market is an online shop that features Jessica Lilly’s original stories and their special plush characters. Jessica started out hand-sewing each of her unique creatures, but when their popularity grew, she knew she needed to find a new way to keep up with production. Jessica was also determined to find a way to produce her plushies entirely with organic materials to support her mission to protect the Earth. Bears for Humanity was able to bring new, eco-friendly life to Jessica’s magical creations through 100% organic cotton, herbal dyes, and ethical practices.

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California Baby makes organic, eco-friendly, and ethical baby products like shampoo and diaper creams. They reached out to Bears for Humanity to help them create a custom California Baby teddy bear called Sunny. Sunny is made with 100% certified organic cotton and dyed with plant-based herbal dyes. Now California Baby customers can choose a chemical-free and super-safe teddy bear for their kids.
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Flatty Bear was a simple but beloved soft toy born out of a Grandmother’s love. Founder Steve Singiser decided he wanted to recreate this meaningful plush toy for today’s generation of children. The world has changed quite a bit since Singiser’s Grandmother hand-stitched the first Flatty Bear, and Singiser found himself concerned about the chemicals and unethical practices that are common in today’s toy industry. Singiser was delighted to find Bears for Humanity, as we were able to recreate Flatty Bear’s unique design using organic materials and Fair Trade labor practices. Today, the Flatty Bear Nonprofit sends their special bears to children in need around the world.
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The Process

Based on your idea, we help you design and produce your product from start to finish. This includes:

Pattern Development

Tell us what you’re envisioning or show us designs you already have. We’ll help you come up with the perfect product pattern to send to manufacturers.

Fabric Selection

We’ll assist you in picking safe, soft, GOTS certified organic and eco-friendly materials.

Prototype Development & Sample Approval

Together we will fine tune your design and make sure your custom toys or clothes are just what you and your customers want.

Bulk Production

Your design will be manufactured in India at a facility that meets ethical sourcing standards and pays their workers fair living wages.

GOTS Chemical Composition testing + Toys Safety testing

We will oversee testing to ensure that your products are organic, free of harmful chemicals, and safe for children.

Quality control Review

We will assess and maintain the quality of your products, making sure they are just what you want, across the board.

Packaging with Bio-Degradable Bags

To reduce your product’s footprint and maintain its eco-friendliness, we’ll package your toys or clothes in bio-degradable bags.


Your products will be bulk shipped to anywhere in the United States and globally!


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