Today we’d like to introduce you to one of our caring, forward-thinking partners; Instagram Mom Influencer, Elizabeth Homen. At Bears for Humanity, we’re excited to team up with people that share our dedication to the Earth and its people. On her page, Elizabeth invites followers to share in her authentic experience as a mother. This includes all of the highs, lows, and silly moments that come along with having a two-year old daughter. Elizabeth is also a proponent of Fair Trade and organic toys for babies, ideals that first drew her to Bears for Humanity. 

Meet Elizabeth: Mom, Influencer, and Advocate for Organic Toys for Babies and Children

How did you come into your role as an Instagram mom influencer? 

My Instagram page actually started somewhat by accident! Laila was born at the beginning of the pandemic and out of boredom, I created an Instagram page to share photos of her with friends and family. They weren’t able to see her in person so Instagram acted as a platform where they could keep up with her. Much to my surprise, we started developing a following and it just blossomed from there!


What inspires your Instagram feed? What kinds of things do you like to share with followers?

I try to be authentically me, and just share what I love, what Laila and I do on a day-to-day basis, my home, my house, my ups and downs and just my life in general. I want people to feel like they actually know me, the true me. I want people to feel comfortable in my space, I want people to feel like I am always there if they need someone to talk to.

What is the most rewarding part of doing what you do? 

The most rewarding part of Instagram is definitely the connections that I have made on there. I had no idea that I would make friends all over the world that I would talk to on a daily basis. Being a mom is hard, having a baby during a pandemic is hard, being a stay at home parent is hard, being a working parent is hard…  we all have that in common and it’s amazing that we are able to connect despite the distance. I truly have made best friends on this platform and I will forever be thankful for them. It’s such an amazing support system, one that I didn’t even know that I needed!

Tell us a little bit about being a mom. How old is your daughter? What is something you didn’t expect about being a mom? 

Laila will be two this May. She was actually born on Mother’s Day, which was also my graduation day [from nursing school], which was also my due date! I never knew that you could love something so much. Motherhood is truly a whirlwind, it is the hardest thing we will ever do but it is also the most rewarding experience we will ever have. Nothing really prepares you for how difficult motherhood is, it’s hard to explain unless you’ve lived it. 

What did you think when you discovered that Bears for Humanity was the only company that makes 100% organic cotton bears? 

I was shocked that they were the only company to do this! I think it is great that their bears are 100% organic cotton, I wish more companies would follow their lead.

What do you love most about Bears for Humanity? 

My favorite part about bears for humanity is the fact that they donate to children in need. I have such a soft spot for children - like most people do - so knowing that there are companies out there helping children in need is very touching.

What does Laila enjoy most about her bears? 

She loves to play house with them! She is at the age where she mimics everything that we do. She is such a little caretaker! She loves to tuck them into bed, feed them, put clothes on them, pretend to read to them and give them lots of hugs and kisses. It’s really rewarding as a parent to watch your child grow up to be a caring person, watching her mimic the way we show her love to her bears is a pretty amazing feeling.

Why do you think it’s important to give children Fair Trade and organic toys? 

I think these are two qualities that are important in all purchases. As humans it’s our loyalty to one another to care for others and make sure people aren’t being taken advantage of. Fair Trade should be universal, and it’s disheartening that so many companies don’t engage in Fair Trade! Organic toys are important because children often put toys in their mouth. They also spend a lot of time in general with their toys so the less chemicals the better! 

Take a Look into Elizabeth’s Journey as a Mother

You can follow Elizabeth's and Leila's journey @elizabethhomen on Instagram. On her page you’ll find an exclusive discount code for 10% off your next Bears for Humanity purchase. For each bear purchased, we’ll donate one to a child in need. Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye out for Elizabeth’s special Bears for Humanity reel that will be out on February 4th. 

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