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Custom-made designs you can feel good about!

Benefits of Ethically-Made, Eco-friendly Promotional Products

  1. 66% more cost-effective than other forms of advertising
  2. Build brand recognition long term
  3. Improve company impression by as much as 25%
  4. 85% of people do business with companies after receiving their promotional products
  5. 89% of people remember the name of companies who gave them promotional products up to two years after receipt
  6. Customers generally pass these products on, reducing cost-per-impression
  7. Ethically-made promotional materials illustrate your brand mission
  8. Customers will be able to feel and touch your values
  9. Becomes part of a community that gives back

The Process

Based on your business goals, values, and client base, we’ll help you design and manufacture your promotional product from start to finish. This includes:

Pattern Development
Pattern Development

Tell us what you’re envisioning or show us designs you already have. We’ll help you come up with the perfect product pattern to send to manufacturers.

Fabric Selection

We’ll assist you in picking safe, soft, GOTS certified organic and eco-friendly materials.

Fabric Selection
Prototype Development
Prototype Development & Sample Approval

Together we will fine-tune your design and make sure your promotional products will be loved, kept, and shared by your customers.

Company Branded Hang Tag

We’ll help you design your own hang tags, with powerful messaging. They’ll be printed with eco-friendly ink on recycled paper.

Company Branded Hang Tag
GOTS Chemical Composition testing + Toys Safety testing
GOTS Chemical Composition testing + Toys Safety testing

If you’re creating plush toys, we’ll make sure they are safe for children with strict safety and flammability testing. All products will be certified to GOTS standards.

View sample report
GOTS Chemical Composition testing + Toys Safety testing
Quality control Review

We will assess and maintain the quality of your eco-friendly promotional products, making sure they are just what you want, across the board.

Quality control Review
Packaging with Bio-Degradable Bags
Packaging with Bio-Degradable Bags

To reduce your products’ footprint and maintain their eco-friendliness, we’ll package them in bio-degradable bags.

Brands like yours are creating their own company mascots and eco-friendly promotional products

Guitar Center Music Foundation
Guitar Center
United Airlines Bear
United Airlines
Sono Health
Sono bear
California Baby Bear
California Baby


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