My name is Renju, Chief Giver and Mama Bear at Bears for Humanity. I’m writing this article to share information to fellow moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grand parents and anyone who cares about the dangers of flame retardants. 

What are flame retardants and where can they be found? 

Flame retardants are toxic chemicals used by manufacturers to delay the production of fire. Children's toys and brand name, daily household products are filled with this dangerous chemical to pass the product’s Flammability Test. And while fire safety is important, these chemicals can do more harm than good.

Investigator and Mom Blogger, Jennifer Hankey, continues to educate us on the dangers these chemicals pose. She’s the author and publisher at Organic Baby University where you can read her article Are There Toxic Flame Retardants in Your Children’s Products?

At Bears for Humanity our entire inventory of stuffed toys are 100% GOTS Certified Organic, and contain absolutely NO pesticides, chemicals or toxic flame retardants. 

To learn more, watch this informative video, Dangers of Flame Retardants by Nero Nimalan: 


— Renju
    Chief Giver & Mama Bear 

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