CHARLESTON STRONG - Can A Teddy Bear Change The World?

Blood shed, heart break, and fear and anxiety has gripped Charleston, South Carolina.  As fellow Americans witness to this unimaginable yet real horror, what can we do? Only you can answer this question.

At Bears For Humanity, our mission is to bring Change.  What Change you ask?  We want to bring comfort, love and peace to Children of all ages at a time when things look out of sorts and out of control in Charleston.  We are collaborating with Christine Osborne, Owner of Wonder Works Toys in Charleston, South Carolina and giving 100% Certified Organic Teddy Bears to all family members of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  What better global symbol of love and peace than a hand crafted teddy bear?  

Can a Teddy Bear change the world?  Teddy Bears from Bears For Humanity are changing the world in three ways. They are hand sewn with love by women and at-risk Mothers from CALWORKS, welfare to work program right here in California, USA.  Our teddy bears are made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton and hemp fibers. Our teddy bears bring unconditional love to Children of all ages in need of love through our Buy One Give One program.  

May God shower his amazing grace and blessings on us to heal and smile again.



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