Doing Something That Matters - Thank you Blake Mycoskie

Over the past 3 years, my husband Vijay has quoted or paraphrased Blake Mycoskie, TOMS story and "Start Something That Matters" more than a million times.  TOMS is a core part of Bears For Humanity.  If you are changemaker, doer, humanitarian and just a regular human being who has passion and desire to do something in life, please read this book by Blake Mycoskie, Founder and CEO of TOMS.

Bears For Humanity is a journey.  Three years ago, to many people, it was simply a foolish errand to invest time and resources to make an awesome organic bear in USA and donate one to a child in need for everyone sold.  Three years later, The Journey continues.  Bears For Humanity journey touches the hearts and souls of women, children and animals anywhere and everywhere, anytime and all the time. Bears For Humanity is born out of the inspiration and wholesome good of TOMS and Newman's Own.  

At Bears For Humanity, we manufacture and sell 100% Certified Organic, safe, hypo-allergenic, naturally antibacterial teddy bears. These amazing lovable, cute, and naturally soft cuddle buddies are hand sewn and stuffed by women and at-risk mothers from CalWORKS welfare to work program in Union City, California.  As a mother, I know that not everyone can purchase a $40.00 teddy bear.  That is why, when you buy a teddy bear from Bears For Humanity, we give another teddy bear just like it to a child in need through our BUY ONE GIVE ONE program.  

Have you met Sammie Bear?  Sammie is a precious special teddy bear.  Sammie is changing the world one teddy bear at a time.  Bears For Humanity and Sammie Bear is the Winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award. Thank you Parents' Choice team. This award is a tribute to all of us making this journey happen. This award is also a tribute to "Start Something That Matters".

At Bears For Humanity, we are "Doing Something That Matters".

God Bless and Thank you.

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