Why You Should Buy Built in The USA Toys

Why You Should Buy Built in the USA Toys

Not all teddy bears are created equal.  Factories all over the world mass produce stuffed animals. Unlike most stuffed toys on the market, Bears for Humanity teddy bears are hand-sewn, stuffed and finished in America. Bears for Humanity bears don’t come from factories. These bears are proudly built in the USA. 

BFH is well known for the way that they give back: for every bear purchased, a bear is also given to a child in need.  That makes our bears pretty special. But long before these animals meet their children, they are already special.  This is due to the unique and mindful way the bears are made.

Every bear must meet some pretty high standards before going out into the world to spread a little joy. A great deal of work and planning goes into creating new best friends. From start to finish, this work is a human, hands on process.

The Best Materials

Sherpa Bears and Animals Pals are made from GOTS certified Organic cotton. This means absolutely zero chemicals, pesticides or heavy metals are added to the teddy bear and animal pal fabric.

Workers Who Care, and Who We Care About!

Bears for Humanity’s teddy bear makers are from CalWORKs program. CalWORKs is a welfare to work program funded by fellow tax paying Americans in California. BFH teddy bear makers are women and at-risk mothers. Every teddy bear maker is carefully interviewed and selected for the job, and then trained in the art of making the perfect teddy bear and animal pal.

Meticulous Hand Finishing

Teddy bear makers make each and every teddy bear with love and care! Each bear-to-be enjoys a one-on-one relationship with its teddy bear maker, who works with the bear from stuffing at the start to finishing and fluffing before the bear is sent off to be loved by its new owner.

Each of the bear’s parts are stuffed separately and then hand-sewn. It takes 25 minutes to hand sew each teddy bear. It takes another 10 minutes to hand stuff each teddy bear with eco-friendly recycled fiber made from plastic bottles and caps.  Finally each bear is brushed, fluffed and primped. 

Bears for Humanity bears aren’t “factory made”; they are lovingly built right here in the USA.  We do this to support our Mother Earth and Environment, as well as our community and our customers, while making the best bears possible.

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