SonoBear’s Story

Dan Stoyan founded SonoHealth, an at-home medical device company because he wanted to help people stay healthy. As a former nurse, he was used to seeing people sick in the hospital. His grandfather passed away from a heart condition, and Dan wanted to find a way to keep people healthy, prevent hospital visits, and save lives. 

Dan also knew that he wanted his company to be committed to social good, but he wasn’t sure what that looked like. He wanted to make an impact not just on people’s physical hearts, but on their emotional hearts as well. 

It was when he was at a business conference in Mexico that the initial idea for SonoBear was born. Dan knew that teddy bears were feel-good items, for everyone, but especially children. Knowing that his customer base was around 70 years of age, Dan thought that he might be able to connect the older generation to children struggling with health conditions by donating bears to children’s hospitals.


SonoBear’s Challenge

Dan knew what he wanted to create for children and how he wanted to donate, but he had no idea how to manufacture teddy bears, how to get the proper safety ratings, or even who to donate them to. After doing some initial research, he realized that making these teddy bears would be like creating a whole other business! 

Luckily, he found Bears for Humanity’s custom manufacturing page through a Google search about donating teddy bears. 


Bears for Humanity’s Solution

Bears for Humanity was thrilled to receive Dan’s request to partner with us. We love to see the good work SonoHealth is doing in the world and we’re happy to create a custom SonoBear for SonoHealth.

We were able to help Dan in more ways than he knew he needed! 

Bears for Humanity provided SonoHealth…

An established supply chain

We know the best, most reliable, and safest ways to manufacture Fair Trade, organic, hypoallergenic plush toys because we’ve been doing it for the past 7 years! We have all the infrastructure already in place, so Dan didn’t need to build anything. 

Prototype Design

Dan designs medical equipment, not toys. We were able to help Dan come up with the prototype design and sketch for SonoBear. 

Fabric and Materials Sourcing 

We sourced Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton to make the fur for SonoHealth’s bear. We used water-soluble eco-dyes that are hypoallergenic. For the stuffing, we sourced recycled PET, to make these bears even more sustainable. 

Tag Design and Copy

Dan wasn’t sure what to put on his bear’s tag. We helped him design his tag and create a beautiful story to go with his bear. SonoBear’s hang tags include a QR code for recipients to receive a $50 voucher for any SonoHealth product. 

Marketing Guidance

Bears for Humanity helped Dan plan how to release his bears for the biggest impact. We guided him on how and when to donate his bear, what would be necessary to connect with the recipients, and helped him craft press releases to let people know. 

Connections for Donations

Dan wasn’t sure how to donate his bears or who to donate them to. Bears for Humanity had connections with worthy organizations already in place. We were able to set up donations for him and strategize to help him build awareness around his lifesaving products and generous donations. 


SonoBear’s Grand Debut

Sono Bear

SonoBear will be delivered to 5,000 children in ten different facilities. So far, 500 bears have been distributed and over 50 vouchers have been redeemed! Dan is thrilled with how his community is growing and is happy that SonoHealth has been able to touch so many lives. 


“The creation and donation of SonoBear are more than I ever expected or thought we could do…I’m so thankful. Before, we just had products. I feel like with this bear and donation we’re becoming a brand.” - Dan Stoyan, SonoHealth Founder


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